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PDISP URL parameter explanation:

  • Example:

  • Parameters:
    • ctlfile: the .ctl file name selected
    • ptype: plot type (map, time series, lat/lon vs time or animation)
    • povlp: plot one variable (noovlp) or two variables (overlap)
    • var: variable selected
    • level: level for the variable to be shown
    • op1: average variable in a specific time period
    • op2: unit or scale change
    • hour, day, month, year: time or initial time in the time domain
    • proj: map projection
    • lon0, lat0: when ptype is map, they are the left longitude and lower latitude of the customer defined map, when ptype is time series, they are the left longitude and lower latitude of the average domain.
    • dlon, dlat: only appears in customer defined map, gives the longitude width from the left longitude and latitude width from the low latitude.
    • type: graphics type (shaded, line, pixel, value, shaded&line, pixel&value)
    • cint: contour interval
    • white: the specific contour level for the white color
    • plotsize: the graph size in pixels
    • title: user's defined title
    • dir: the directory where the .ctl located, usually contain the date information
    • Other parameters used in time series and Hovmiller diagram:
      • fhour, fday, fmonth and fyear: final date of the time domain
      • lon1, lat1: right longitude and upper latitude for the domain to do average.
      • hovm: select Hovmiller diagram is lat vs time or lon vs time.
      • deg: set the Hovmiller diagram latitude for lat/time, or longitude for lon/time
      • hovfrom, hovto: set the other dimension for the Hovmiller diagram
    • Other parameters used in two variables:
      • var2: the second variable
      • level2: level for second variable
      • op1v2: operation 1 for variable 2
      • op2v2: operation 2 for variable 2
      • cint2: contour interval for variable 2